Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Hockey (for Bruins fans!!)

Over my lifetime I have taken a lot of grief from Bruins fans, including Saturday during the Bruins/Whalers legends game at Whale Bowl. Here are few facts I thought Bruins fans should know:

1) You have to win 4 playoff series in one year to win the Stanley Cup. The Bruins have 4 playoff series since 1993. Four series in 18 years!!!

2) No Stanley Cups since 1972. I don't see that changing this year.

3) The Minnesota North Stars have played in the Stanley Cup more recently than the Bruins. They moved to Dallas in 1993!!!

4) The Bruins have two Stanley Cup Championships since 1942

5) The Bruins have played in two Stanley Cup Finals series in 30 years. They won a total of ONE game in the two series.

And as we all know

6) The Bruins are one of three franchises to blow a 3 games to none lead in a best of seven playoff series. As a footnote, they are the ONLY team to blow 3-0 in the seventh game of that series.

How bout that B's fans?

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