Thursday, June 11, 2009

Going Golden In Colorado

Today we spent the day at the home of Coors Beer: Golden, CO. Since we've been such great customers of Coors over the years, I thought we should take a tour of the brewery. Coors has been brewing beer since 1873, and doing it well I might add. Their brewery is the largest single-site brewery in the world. Enter the brew house and there are tanks that contain the eqivalent of over 27,000 six packs of beer. There are a number of interesting facts including it takes about 55 days on average to brew one Coors Beer from start to finish. The best fact of all: The tour is free and includes 4 free samples of their beers from Coors Banquet, Coors Light, Killians Irish Red, Blue Moon, and Honey Moon Summer Ale.

Golden is a great little town about 15 miles west of Denver. There are rafting and kayak lessons right in the center of town on Clear Creek in addition to tours of the brewery. After the tour we took a walk on Clear Creek path, and then drank $1.50 Coors Light Drafts on the outdoor patio at the Buffalo Rose Bar. This bar has the best wings I've ever had, and has great live music to boot(look for acoustic guitarist David Risk, phenominal musician).The people are friendly too. Being from MA, I'm still trying to figure out how to handle being treated with respect at a restaurant on a regular basis. The only thing that surprised me, noone was watching the afternoon Rockies game in any of the bars. They're on an 8 game win streak! I could not find the game on TV either; Not like Boston. The weather was great though! Unlike the fog and rain I saw tonight at Fenway. Great place to spend the day. Stay tuned for the Hot Spring Spas and Coors Field!


  1. That sucks that they don't follow the Rockies like we follow the Sox. That is sort of a deal breaker. Even though, I am Cincinnati Reds fan I love the baseball culture here in Beantown.

  2. woah, that posted under Kerryann's name. Strange. I am not "boyfriend stalking" I promise. ("Boyfriend stalking" def.- Logging into your girlfriends account when she is not home and reading all her emails from top to bottom, including emails from people you don't know.)