Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beyond Disgraceful

This will be last comment on the franchise that took their dog and pony act to North Carolina. I go onto to their website today as they face elimination against Pittsburgh tonight in the Stanley Cup semifinals, and see that good seats are still available for the Hurricanes game tonight in Raleigh. It says it right on their website at http://hurricanes.nhl.com/index.html BTW, Boston hasn't seen the Bruins go this far since 1992, and I highly doubt that the Garden wouldn't have been sold out under the same circumstances. I hear all the time about how Carolina has a great home ice advantage. Another instance where the reputation doesn't match reality. They are only professional franchise in their city, and they can't sell out a semifinal playoff game PITIFUL! It's good thing Red Sox fans weren't fair weather for Game 4 against the Yankees in 2004. Oh, and I wonder if the other 3 cities still alive in the NHL Playoffs Detroit, Chicago, and Pittsburgh are having trouble selling tickets. Nice job Raleigh!

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