Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Opportunity of a Lifetime

When you have an opportunity like I had this past Saturday, you need to share it with everyone. Most of my blog posts focus on travel. This experience involves local travel to Fenway Park; but the personal experience is what matters here.

Last Saturday I auditioned for the Public Address Announcer position at Fenway Park. Sitting in the announcers booth and hearing your voice echo through the stands at Fenway Park is something I ONLY could have imagined. That is until January 26, 2013. I was supposed to attend an all-day writing class on this day, but my wife and friend correctly encouraged me to seize this opportunity of a lifetime. I should say that this job opened up to the public due to the tragic circumstances with Carl Beane's death last year. Nobody will compare to Carl, and I thought about him during my audition. Here is my audition. Excuse my arm in the video. I had to hold down a button so my voice would sound over the PA system. I think I did well for my first time.

I also had the chance to sing the Star Spangled Banner. I didn't realize how nerve-racking that experience is.

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