Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Baseball On A Budget #1

When it comes to the Red Sox, there isn't much in the way of bargains, if anything. I attended my first Pawtucket Red Sox of the season for 2009. The General Admission ticket for a PawSox game is $6 and hasn't changed to my knowledge in at least 20 years. The most expensive tickets are $10. Parking is free in most areas, although there are a few lots that are $2, $5, and $10. Try finding that at Fenway. I got to see Clay Buckholz continue his bumpy road back to the majors, and Jed Lowrie continue his rehab, so we can say adios to Julio Lugo.

I will always have a certain amount of loyalty to the PawSox. Ben Mondor and Mike Tamburro have owned and run the franchise since 1977 and have revolved their product around affordable baseball for families. I had the privilege of interviewing Ben and Mike a year and a half ago for Rhode Island Home Living and Design magazine. The link to this article is at http://rhodeislandhld.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=652&Itemid=122. Ben and Mike gave me 4 hours of their time and could not have been more accommodating. They also gave me 7 free tickets behind home plate to the July 3 game with fireworks to follow. McCoy Stadium is a great place to watch a ballgame. There are no bad or expensive seats in the house. If you bring the kids I recommend you sit out on the centerfield berm with a blanket or beach chairs. Pawtucket is less than an hour away, and it won't force you to take a second mortgage on your home. There is all kinds of room for kids to roam in case they get restless too. I'll be recommending other venues soon, but Pawtucket is great for an affordable night for everyone, and it also gives the best opportunity to see Major League ready talent. Almost every home grown Red Sox player has played on Ben Mondor Way. With the All Star Game approaching, don't miss your chance to catch future Red Sox All Stars.

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  1. It seems to me the parent team could learn a thing or two from their Triple A affiliate. It's hardly fun half of the time going to a game at Fenway Park when they lose and you spend tons of money cuz you have to eat and drink. It feels like you was robbed.